Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Learn to Geocache from The Waverly Inn Gang in Hendersonville, NC

"What on earth is that thing?" Those of you who are NOT already familiar with these things might ask this question.....the millions of people who have fun every year finding hidden "treasures" such as this would not! It's a geocache, albeit a smallish one.

This cute little container is made of aluminum and has a threaded top that makes it impervious to the weather. Inside is always "something." In these smaller "micro-caches", there might just be a log on which you can list your name and the date you found it. In larger geocache containers (some as large as an old ammo box), there can be all sorts of goodies in addition to the ever present "log".

When you find a geocache, you get to sign your name on the log to indicate that you actually found it and, if you would like, you can take an item that was previously left in the geocache by someone else, provided you leave something appropriate. It could be a trinket, a coin, batteries for a GPS, etc. Almost anything that is small and can fit easily into the cache container is acceptable.

"Why would I want to look for these geocaches?" Well, first of all, it's just plain FUN! Second, if you own a hand held GPS (or know someone who does,) it's an inexpensive pastime. There are geocaches virtually everywhere, you've probably even walked or driven right by one during your everyday routine. But geocaches are also located in some of the most historical and/or beautiful places in the country. There are literally hundreds of geocaches right here in Western North Carolina; in cities like Asheville, smaller towns like Hendersonville, on top of mountains, by waterfalls, and everywhere in between.

"This sounds complicated" you say. "But I AM curious enough to want to investigate a bit more. How would I go about learning to geocache?" Well, here's an offer for you. You come to Hendersonville, NC and stay at The Waverly Inn and John, one of the trusty innkeepers, will teach you how to geocache. Of course he's not on call 24/7 so, if you ARE interested in learning more about geocaching, then be sure to make that something you mention when making your reservation so we can check the schedule to make sure he will be available.

If you're lucky when you come, it'll be a beautiful and sunny day and perhaps John will share the coordinates of the location of the geocache that resulted in this picture! But not to worry, extreme hiking is not necessary. There are geocaches scattered throughout Hendersonville. There are even caches that are "drive bys". It really is a "sport" for everyone of any age.

We hope we've given you yet another reason to visit The Waverly Inn in Hendersonville, NC very soon!

John, Diane, Darla & Debbie
The Waverly Inn Innkeepers

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