Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1898 Waverly Inn Gets Local Award

ECO (Environmental & Conservation Organization) in Henderson County has a new campaign. They are making the local community aware of businesses in the area that are making efforts at sustainability. Fourteen local businesses including 1898 Waverly Inn were honored with this recognition. We are excited about being able to display their "Green Business" sign and will continue to find ways to grow our environmental stewardship in our business.

Some of the ways in which you can make your business and home more green are fun and cost effective. Some cost a little more but are very satisfying. Try buying more products that are made within 100 miles and use local artisans and vendors when possible. Use less packaging and try to buy products from sustainably conscience companies. We all know about recycling cardboard, bottles and paper but re-purposing items and using recycled materials when possible also helps with the amount that we put in landfills. As consumers we also need to remember to encourage others to help.

Find more information about the 1898 Waverly Inn's green efforts on our website.

John, Diane, Darla & Debbie
1898 Waverly Inn
Bed and Breakfast Hendersonville NC

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