Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Antique Fair in Asheville

The 65th Annual Asheville Antiques Fair will be
in Asheville during the first weekend in November. It is a brief twenty mile trip from Hendersonville. And, despite the fact
that the color season is slowly winding down, this is still an absolutely beautiful drive. I start singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning!” and have a hard time deciding which coffee shop to
stop at on my way to the Fair. Oh, and this is not your everyday, dime-a-dozen fair or show either. It is truly an event. Wandering through the old treasures and watching the people is a great way to relax after a long week.

Even the story about the beginning of this fair is my favorite of all of the antique shows in this region. Close your eyes…wait do not close your eyes. You will not be able to read how this annual event started if you do. “It began one day with a conversation on a train bound for New York City. The year was 1945, and two Asheville women, Beulah Harrison and Ava Keener, were headed
to the New York City’s renowned Antiques Fair. The trip inspired the pair, who believed that serious study would foster an understanding and appreciation of antiques, to create the Vetust Study Club of Asheville and later, the Asheville Antiques Fair.” Now, sixty-five years later, the fair has a lot more than just antiques. The Heirloom Roadshow and
the Expert Lecture Series run concurrent with the Fair. I will never be too old to learn something. Last year was my introduction to Stickley furniture. This year I am hoping to learn about something just a bit more affordable.
Bring your treasure to the Heirloom Roadshow and one of three appraisers will be available to give you an evaluation of your heirloom. They charge for the evaluations so do not bring the whole house. But, if you bring the three items about which you are most curious, they will charge you just twenty dollars for their valuations. Obviously, it will be less for just one or two of your treasures. The appraisers will be there on Saturday from 10am – 4pm. To find out more about the appraisers and what they cannot appraise go to http://www.ashevilleantiquesfair.com/events.html

Lecture Series topics include Appalachian Harmonies -- Collecting and Preserving Mountain Music and Crafts and WNC Collectable Folk and Art Pottery from 1845-1950. This year the topics will center on the Blue Ridge Mountains and the culture here.

The Antiques Show is held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel OneResort Drive • Asheville, NC 28806 • (828) 254-3211. Ample parking is available at no charge.

For more information and the specific hours during Friday, Saturday and Sunday go to http://www.ashevilleantiquesfair.com/information.html I will see you there!

We hope we've given you yet another reason to visit the 1898 Waverly Inn in Hendersonville, NC very soon!

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