Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why Do You Hang Up When I Answer The Telephone???

Instead of being constructive and telling you about something going on in the local area I am going to tell you what is going on in my head that wants to come out. Have I scared you yet?

A local doctor has a telephone number that is one digit off of the inn number. Do you know where this is going? Yeah -- you are right. On top of people telling me their symptoms I get a lot of people hanging up when they hear my voice. The positive on people hanging up on me is that I now have proof that some people do listen to me. Did you hear that John?

In years past we used to joke that "your boyfriend /girlfriend just called." These days I do not joke about that to my husband. He no longer considers it flattering. Wrong number hangups have increased as our town grows in population and age. The doctor is a gerentologist.

If you are a person that hangs up when you get the wrong person has it occurred to you that a button could be pushed that redials who called last and a frustrated menopausal woman could ask you why you hung up? If this has not happened to you yet think about the endless possibilities of that conversation. the meantime, let me tell you how I see it.

My biggest question of the day is who are you? Have you finally gotten to an age that you no longer care about etiquette or what your mother taught you about being polite? It is not that I do not want to call you back and ask you where you are from and who raised you. I do! I have just been trained well. My mother, who died ten years ago, still makes me afraid when I misbehave. Do not laugh but I am afraid she is still watching everything that I do. If she is taking a day off the job John's mother is probably the person she contacts to take over for the day.

Where I am from we do not hang up when we get the wrong person on the other end of the phone. We want to know why you answered that phone. Think about it...Have you ever had someone want to know the number of the phone is that you answered? Or they double check to make sure that the person that they want to talk to is not there?

I know that when I dial that number that I did not dial a wrong number. You answered the wrong telephone.

So...keep this in mind when you hang up. I know how to reach you and one day when mother is not looking I may.

I will just sign this with my name. No one else should be blamed.
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