Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot Flash! Changes, More Changes...And Dan

I am looking back over 2012 trying to figure out where it has gone.  This has been a huge transition year at 1898 Waverly Inn.  Everything that we do, say and look at has been scrutinized and rethought.   If I had known all of the flaws, knicks, scrapes and problems that we had at the inn two years ago I am not sure if I could have picked a place to start changing.  As it was I took a lot of direction from other innkeepers, writers, friends and family, as well as our staff at the inn.  The people that work at this inn have proven to be the most invaluable of my teachers.  As I stretch back over the year to see where I have been and where I am going, I look at the people who work here and smile with pride.  And I laugh at the memories of some of the crazy things that we have done together.

Last winter I trapped a man from Massachusetts in the inn.  He had a ten foot ladder.  And I had never seen one.  It turned out to be an amazing ladder and he turned out to be an amazing friend.  His name is Dan.  He told me that in Massachusetts his name has one syllable.  It has three in North Carolina.  Dan spent days and weeks and months helping redo ceilings, painting the intricate woodwork on the stairwell and being my very own cheering section.  When I accidentally cut a wire that was not expected to be there he called me "Sparky" for weeks. Dan did go back to Massachusetts in the spring.  The culture shock down here was almost too much for him.  His sojourn with us was short, but he is a permanent loving memory.

  • We painted nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms and three lobbies during the cold months this year.  
  • We had two photographers here to take pictures.  
  • A local Canadian with a great sense of humor to paint the outside of the inn.
  • A gentle quiet Western North Carolinian is redoing the many metal roofs that extend out from the main structure of the inn. 
  • The "jolly British man" replaced the floor in our front kitchen. 

And during all of this, our very own "Interior Designer" (with a degree to prove it,) Bridget, made sure that the colors were good, the linen was bought and the details were there.
 By the time I finished the last bedroom this year, I knew that I had to take a bit of time off from the decorating.  Why you ask?  I painted the outside of one of these incredible claw footed tubs three times.  I did not like the first two colors.  Seriously?

"Le Petit Spa" has been created.  AND we hired a Spa Services Coordinator to arrange all of the spa services for the inn.  Her name is Sandi Saba and she has been a superb addition to our ranks.  She has an incredible knack for finding the perfect massage therapist.

John and Darla continue to create in the kitchen.  Last winter they added apple pancakes, and this fall they created an apple cider syrup made with local cider.  The apple pancakes and apple cider syrup are a match made in heaven.  

Our professionalism is being “fine- tuned” along with the rooms.  All of the staff got new uniforms and you can now find out who each of us is just by looking at our shiny new badges. 

Our concierge skills are being sharpened also. Debbie has created new itineraries for the local area and she has worked hard at making the website a lot more user friendly. We also have the ability to make reservations, get tickets for events, entrance fees and suggest ideas if you do not know what you want.  We have made it our mission to help you create your perfect vacation. 

2013 promises to be a wonderful year for all of us at 1898 Waverly Inn.  We have a lot of exciting new amenities, plans, and dreams for our future.  Happy Holidays.  We hope to see you soon!

We hope we've given you yet another reason to visit the 1898 Waverly Inn in Hendersonville, NC very soon!

John, Diane, Darla & Debbie
1898 Waverly Inn
Bed and Breakfast Hendersonville NC

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