Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Grandmother, Yard Art, and Garden Jubilee Or An Odd Look at Trash To Treasure

When I was a child of about ten I helped my grandmother paint a tractor tire that she planted flowers in.   And that my friends, is where my appreciation of yard art started.  You could say that it started with rubber and petunias. The color was white.  Are you getting a good clear picture? That was not the only conversation piece she put in her yard.  I know that it was a conversation piece because my mother, the daughter in-law, had lots of conversations about the lawn ornaments.  I loved my grandmother passionately and I loved her yard decorations almost as much.  My love of her bizarre monuments to art has transferred over to my own yard.  It may be that I am trying to capture a bit of that little girl with white paint up to her elbows having a wonderful morning with her grandmother.  It may be a DNA problem that is passed from generation to generation.  All I really know is that what they say is true, “Art is in the eye of the beholder.” 

When my youngest daughter was about ten she shouted “No” when we passed a beautiful piece of concrete that I thought would look great in my front garden.  When I asked her why, her reasoning was sound and fair.  She felt that we had enough and that if we added more, people would be stopping to buy yard art instead of a room at the Inn.  It was stated a little less diplomatically but I have cleaned it up just in case you feel the need to judge me by my abilities to raise polite southern girls.
My favorite festival in Hendersonville, NC every year is Garden Jubilee.  There are twelve blocks of flowers, bushes, herbs and cool stuff to decorate any yard.  It is two full days of fun on Memorial Day weekend.  Lowe’s brings a Southern Living writer to talk to groups about plants, bugs and cultivation techniques.  Local growers bring prized blooms and rare species and will enchant you with their knowledge. And for the important stuff, local and regional artists will make you gasp, gawk and smile with their lawn and garden ornamentation.  

We are already planning our celebration for next year so get your dates and activities organized so that you can make your reservations early.  We fill up fast and we have a great time!

We hope we've given you yet another reason to visit the 1898 Waverly Inn in Hendersonville, NC very soon!

John, Diane, Darla & Debbie
1898 Waverly Inn
Bed and Breakfast Hendersonville NC

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