Monday, June 10, 2013

Hendersonville vs New York

Editors Note:  I know this is long but it was better than my first thought which had two words.
   A TripAdvisor review about 1898 Waverly Inn last week got me thinking.  The reviewer from New York had a few disparaging remarks about Hendersonville not being a very "happening place".  This is where I am supposed to get my butt on my shoulders and try to defend my choice of business location.  What I came to realize is that I have spent very little time defining the place that I live and call home.

First and foremost, the writer was correct in the sense that "happenings" are very rare in Hendersonville.  Unless you count the sirens.  Granted, maybe not as many as NYC, but when it happens it makes me think that something exciting is happening and I am just missing it.  This is where the old adage of "boys will be boys" comes into play. They like their sirens. The sirens are in fact just a few fender benders and ambulances taking older people to the hospital after a strenuous game of tennis or a hard day of gardening.  Darn!

 New York has Bloomingdale's and lots of beautiful and magnificent museums.  It has Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall.  It also has a rather confusing rail system that will take you anywhere you want to go in the Burroughs and enough different kinds of food to make even the pickiest eater content.   And New York does not end at the George Washington Bridge.  I love New York.

 However, I love Hendersonville too!  Hendersonville North Carolina is a rare and glorious experience.  The air smells incredible and the water tastes great.  The weather is cooler than most places in the south during the summer and sunny in the winter.  We have a beautiful and busy downtown Main Street that winds among plants and fountains.  Cute shops line the side streets as well.  There are about a dozen restaurants and a few really good art galleries.  Flat Rock Playhouse has a Main Street theatre as well as the main stage four miles away.  This professional summer stock theatre's nearest competition for quality and diversity is in New Jersey.  Sorry Abington.

Antiques are a big draw for this town and coming up fast behind that is hiking, bicycling and beer.  Beer is such a big thing in this area that Sierra Nevada is building their east coast brewery in this county.  You will be able to tour and taste starting in July 2014.

 We have lots of street festivals in Hendersonville as well.  The NC Apple Festival and Garden Jubilee are the two biggest ones, but there is about one a month during the summer and fall and a couple of others during the winter and spring.  The Main Street Art Show in August is one of my favorites.

Music in Hendersonville is very diverse and a good portion of it is free.  We even have music and dancing on Main Street every Monday and Friday nights during the summer.  The Hendersonville Symphony is way above what is expected for an area this size, and there are concerts at the lake on the college campus southeast of town. Bluegrass and Country music are a huge part of this area's cultural heritage.  You can find it in a number of places
on any given weekend.
Did I mention tailgate and farmers markets, the N.C. Mountain State Fair, horse shows and dog shows, thrift stores, pottery, jewelry designers, Carl Sandburg Home, chocolate makers, wineries, the best barbecue this side of...oh never mind!  Come to Western North Carolina, Hendersonville and stay with us at 1898 Waverly Inn and we will fill your hands with tickets, brochures, maps, directions and itineraries.  Best of all, we'll fill your hearts and souls with honest and sincere Southern Hospitality.

We hope we've given you yet another reason to visit the 1898 Waverly Inn in Hendersonville, NC very soon!

John, Diane, Darla & Debbie
1898 Waverly Inn
Bed and Breakfast Hendersonville NC

PS  Next time we will visit places within twenty miles of the inn.

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