Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Certified Wildlife Habitat with Butterfly Garden plants at 1898 Waverly Inn


We all love to see butterflies! 2014 is NC State Parks' Year of the Lepidoptera. 1898 Waverly Inn has a Certified Wildlife Habitat with Butterfly Garden plants to attract local butterflies. We hope to play our part in helping increase populations of butterflies.  We have tried to provide a variety of the nourishing plants butterflies need for all stages of their metamorphosis. These plants also attract honey bees and hummingbirds.

Natural food sources for many butterflies are becoming less abundant as the plants they naturally feed on are lost. Most of the plants we usually put into a garden are not good choices for butterflies.  Planting a Butterfly Garden is a great way we can provide native plants for butterflies to feed on. 

Right now our little garden is in full bloom with plants including Butterfly Bush and hydrangeas for butterflies and Rose of Sharon and Hosta to attract hummingbirds.

While you are visiting our Inn, stop and see the Butterfly Garden at Chimney Rock State Park.  They are participated in NC State Parks' Year of the Lepidoptera by planting a butterfly garden with Junior Ranger Volunteers and Boy and Girl Scouts. They planted Echinacea, Black-eyed Susan, Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, goldenrod, Bee Balm and Obedient Plant. The Butterfly Garden is planted near Grady the Groundhog's Animal Discovery Den, at the end of the Great Woodland Adventure where you can also see Fiona, a Virginia Opossum, non-venomous snakes and some local turtles.
You can help butterflies, too. Have you incorporated some butterfly plants in your garden?

We hope we've given you yet another reason to visit 1898 Waverly Inn in Hendersonville, NC very soon!

John, Diane, Darla & Debbie
1898 Waverly Inn
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